Leap of Faith

But what if I fail?…”

Can I tell you a secret? Blogging terrifies me.

I’m a relatively private person. Telling the world my feelings, my experiences, my stories, my life, that kinda intimidates me. In some ways I’m still shocked that I took the plunge and wrote that first post nine months ago. I served myself and everything I stand for on a silver platter for anyone in the entire world to read, critique, judge, enjoy, or mock.

What if no one reads my posts?
What if people read it and don’t like it?
What if I offend someone and they make ugly comments?
What if I can’t come up with a story?
What if I say too much?
What if the people following me via email feel like I fill their inbox with senseless garbage and wish they’d never signed up?

But among all the doubts and worries, I mustered up the courage and chose to hope. I stepped up to the edge and held my breath, assuring myself that if even just one person would read and like what I had to say, it’d be worth it.

To my dear friends and family, to the sweet friends I have found along the way, to those who have trusted me with the precious gift of your time, who have allowed me space in your email inbox, who have commented, liked, encouraged, cheered me on, and clicked on my site, it has meant the world. Your words have made me laugh, cry, and brought such sweet joy to my day. You have given me hope.

IMG_5180So now I’ve taken another giant leap out of my comfort zone. I feel vulnerable and incredibly silly all over again. But if I have learned anything in the past months of writing and posting my stories, it’s that we never know unless we try. I signed up to be a part of “Top Mommy Blogs.” I very recently learned about it through my sweet friend, Marla at A Pendulum World (who you should go see, because she is amazing and her blog is so refreshing, down-to-earth and all-around awesome). It’s basically a directory of blogs that parents write. The way it works is that if people click on my button to vote for me, my blog will become more accessible to those searching for things I write about. Up to this point I’ve simply wrote. I haven’t really reached out. I feel a bit ridiculous writing this, but I feel like it’s time to stretch myself a bit. Just like before, I’ll need your help. If you enjoy my posts, please click on the “Mommy Blog Badge” off to the side (or in this post) once a day as often as you like. That’s all you have to do! When you get done reading my latest post, just give it a good click. I would appreciate your help so very, very much! (And while you’re at it, maybe you could check out A Pendulum World and vote for Marla as well. 🙂 )

imageI hope you, too, can take that risk you’ve been contemplating. Do something totally unexpected, totally life changing, totally wonderful. It might seem out of character, you might feel incredibly vulnerable and maybe a bit silly. But you’ll never know unless you step up to the edge. Here’s to all of us, you and me, taking leaps of faith in this journey of life.


“…But oh my darling, what if you fly?”

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Take Some Risks and Follow Yer Dreams, Me Harties!

Blimey! Do ye know it be International Talk Like a Pirate Day in the morn? To me fellow seadogs and swashbucklers, ahoy, me hearties! It be a fine day to celebrate. In our abode we be celebratin’ with me three buckos by dressin’, talkin’, treasure huntin’ and playin’ like a buckineer. What be ye doin’ with yer young lads and lassies on this fine international hol-i-day?

If ye needs some brainstorms, here be spots to take a looksie:

Me Crew’s favorite swashbucklin’ books fer this here occasion:

  • Victricia Malicia
  • Pirate Pete
  • Pirate Pete’s Talk Like A Pirate
  • The Pirates Next Door


I’ll be honest. I would make a lousy pirate. I don’t have my ear (or ears, for that matter) pierced, I don’t have a single tattoo, I’m a bit scared of deep and dark shark-infested water, not too adventurous when it comes to deep-fried dishes with eight tentacles, and I really don’t care much for swimming. Most especially, I’m a bit of a chicken. With all that treasure hunting, pillaging, looting, shooting cannons, and marooning, risks are what one might say defines a pirate. Yep, a bit of a landlubber I be.

I read this awesome article on risk taking a while back by Leila on Sensitive and Extraordinary Kids. She shared her experiences with taking risks (and she’s taken some pretty awe-inspiring ones!).

She says: “’The best things in life are dangerous’: I’m not so sure about that one. But I do know that it’s those adventures that come with some risk that make me feel most alive. And that is where I get the strength and will to face those fears.”

After reading, I was set on being a bit more piratic. Taking a step or two out of my comfort zone, even if it means being a bit uncomfortable (imagine that!). I’m not sure I’m up for any skydiving or deep-sea diving, but let me tell you about a dream I’ve had for many, many years.


Children’s books are my passion. My husband spent many a date at the children’s book store before we got married. Consequently, my boys have a decent stash in their bedroom and we frequent the library often. I love children’s books, and I have always thought it would be the most amazing thing to see my name on the cover (along with an illustrator, because, let’s face it. Art is not my forte). So over the years I’ve jotted down lots of ideas, wrote a few stories (not that I’m the next Eric Carle by any means), researched lots of publishing companies, and chickened out over and over and over. Apparently, being a children’s book author is the second most competitive job, following behind a choreographer (can you say depressing?). I did absolutely nothing because of the fear of almost certain rejection. I didn’t take the risk, I never sent in a single manuscript.

Imagine living in a risk-free world! We would miss out on literally everything we have. Risk doesn’t have to mean you’re the best. It doesn’t have to mean the world knows your accomplishments, or that you make astounding breakthroughs. It means you take something you love or are passionate about and give it a try, despite your fear and hesitations (or maybe even because of it!). I have no intentions to compete with the popularity or sheer brilliance of the Berenstain Bears or Pirate Pete. It appears I’d have better luck trying out for the WNBA. But here goes following a dream and giving it a try. I hope we can all take a look at our dreams and take a few risks in order to enjoy the thrills of life.

So on future International Talk Like A Pirate holidays, as you sit with your little lad and lassies all guzzied up in their pirate best, maybe ye can share this story by a pirate-dreamin’ landlubber who finally took the plunge and got her feet a wee bit wet.

Here be an excerpt from me most recent story, because I daren’t put it all out there and have some billage rat plunder it (I don’t have a clue what the privacy is on blogs like this)!

Cap’n Green Hook McGray

He was the meanest, the dirtiest, the gruffest and toughest scallywag to set sail on the briny blue.

He plundered, he looted, and that ain’t the worst he would do.

His crew, they all feared him, “Aye, Aye!” They would say.

Thoughts of the plank made them swiftly obey.

His name: The greedy, the despicable, Cap’n Gristle McGray.

Now pirates all have a weakness, any landlubber knows.

They sail the high seas where ‘er the wind blows.

With a map in one hand and the wheel in the other,

Their eyes are set on treasure chests full of doubloons to plunder.

And to the end…

So that there’s the story of Cap’n “Green Hook” McGray,

And how he finally pursued his dreams that day.

His crew no longer fears him, and though a pirate he be,

He’s the best gosh darn gardener to set sail on the sea!


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