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Priceless (an announcement)

Big announcements have never been my forte. I typically go for the “no one really needs to know” approach, or I try to be all fun and fail miserably. with our first baby I went for the “no one really needs to know” until we were almost 20 weeks along. At one point I had to outright lie to my mom about why I was so incredibly sick while we were home visiting. “Mm-om. Jeez! Don’t you think I’d tell you if I were pregnant??” For what it’s worth, I did tell her, just 10 weeks later…

Our second we had it planned out all cute, with our oldest sporting a homemade “I have a secret” shirt, and “I’m going to be a big brother!” under it. The problem was, we were prepared to share our news right when a family member informed us that it was a good thing we weren’t having another baby yet because we had our hands full with the one as it was. They were a little shocked when our son walked out announcing our news.

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The third time we decided to just let our oldest son blurt it out. The problem? No one could understand him and when they finally did no one was sure if he was supposed to let the news slip. It was followed with an awkward, “Oh, wow! (Silence…) Uhhh, I think the football game is on…shall we go check the score?”

Fourth time’s a charm, right? Well, because of my technological lack of expertise, I can’t figure out how to upload the entire cute video. So annoying. Thus you get the first 15 seconds, and then the last. I’ll try uploading it to my facebook page (Catching Crawfish) if you care to watch all one minute and three seconds of my attempt at announcement brilliance.

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"Priceless" part 1

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"Priceless" part 4

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we are thrilled to be bringing another little crawfish catcher into our home this summer! I hope this 2015 year brings excitement and happiness to your home as well.

I’d love to hear your successful (or not so successful) announcement stories! Tell me how you’ve let the news of big moments in your life out.

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